Meet the Morgans


Faith. Family. Finances. Freedom. Fun.

Rich and Colleen Morgan have been married 31 years, have raised 4 children, have owned and operated multiple million dollar businesses, and have 25+ years experience in the Network Marketing industry.  

"We have made it our mission, to help others create financial security, spend more time together,
have more fun, and design a life that they LOVE to live"

Network Marketing is the best vehicle we know of to help the average person live life to the fullest…

Thanks to Network Marketing, we enjoy quality time with family, financial freedom, better health, and balance in our life...
We are here to help YOU become the BEST YOU and Get to the TOP! 

Get Healthy, Help People, Make Money, Have Fun!

Our Opportunity 


  • World-Class Leadership

  • Ernst & Young CEO of the Year 

  • Founder helped create two BILLION $ Companies

  • Massive Growth Potential Ahead

  • Perfect Timing 

  • Generous Rewards

Our Products


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  • Disruptive Products with Advanced Delivery Systems

  • Natural Solutions for Immune Support, Weight Loss, Energy, Anti-Aging, Brain, Sleep, Mood, Optimal Health

  • Patented Liposomal Organic CBD

  • Clean Liposomal Skin Care

  • Revolutionary Telomere Support Product



Rich & Colleen Morgan

Tel: 715-828-0090